Operational CEM Accelerator

Thursday, May 17

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

End your Experience 2018 week with our Operational CEM Accelerator workshop!

Step up the pace of customer-focused innovation across your organization by deepening your knowledge of practices that will help you unlock resistance, measure impact, and guide strategic change.

Instructor-led discussion and small group activities will help you learn to drive “outer loop” action with key concepts such as:

  • Aligning customer experience accountability with decision-making structures
  • Quantifying the impact of customer experience metrics on business outcomes
  • Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of innovation tests
  • Leveraging your employees to address problems and uncover effective practices

The Accelerator workshop is designed for customer experience program leaders and analysts who already have the core components of an enterprise feedback system in place. It builds on the concepts presented in Medallia’s Operational CEM Certification, which is recommended as a prerequisite.

Experience 2018 attendees get $50 off the standard workshop price of $500.