Expy Awards
The premier experience management awards
The Expy Awards celebrate leaders and innovators in the Medallia experience management community. Are you among them? If so, we invite you to enter and share your story with us.
Experience Makers
This category recognizes an organization that uses experience management to drive revenue and growth, creating substantially better experiences that strengthen existing customer relationships while building new ones.
Operational Experts
This category recognizes an organization that uses experience management to improve efficiencies and reduce costs by removing barriers, reducing friction, and improving the way the organization operates.
Employee Advocates
This category recognizes an organization that engages and empowers employees, from the frontline to the executive suite, through experience management, leading to happier employees, more loyal customers, and a better bottom line.
Creators of The Year
This category recognizes an organization that uses experience management to drive innovation in its products or services, changing the game for the organization and the industry.
Submit your entry
The 2019 Medallia Expy Awards submissions are now closed.
Winners will be announced at the Medallia Experience 2019 conference, and by press release at that time.
What are the Expy Awards?
The Expy Awards recognize leaders in the Medallia community who stand out for their commitment to experience management, and the impact it has on their customers, employees, and businesses.
Why apply?
Enter to be recognized as a leader by the broader experience management community, and to articulate and share achievements of your team and broader organization.
What is the timeline for entry and winner selection?
The Expy Awards are open for submissions through May 7 and winners will be notified the week of May 13.
Can the same organization apply in multiple categories?
Yes, please submit separate entries written to address each individual category description.
How are winners chosen?
A panel of impartial experience management experts outside of Medallia will judge entries based on experience impact (reflected by changes in feedback scores or unstructured data), cultural impact (how the organization thinks and operates), and business impact (quantifiable metrics of business growth and efficiency).
What do winners get?
Winners get recognition and visibility in the broader experience management community and a public announcement at Medallia Experience 2019, a trophy, and two trips to Medallia Experience 2019 or a charitable donation made in the name of the winning organization.
How will entrants be notified of the decision?
Winners will be notified by email and phone, provided in the entry form on this page.
Additional questions
Please reach out to your Medallia teams with additional questions.