Experience is Your Competitive Advantage

Main Stage

성장은 경험과 함께 일어난다

Medallia 제품 비전: 시그널에서 행동으로

Medallia 대화: CVS Pharmacy

Medallia 대화: Fred Reichheld

예측을 위해 직원 행동에 대해 이해를 하고, 고객의 경험을 개선하다

Medallia Talks: Forrester Research & State Farm Insurance

Mastercast Stage

One Big Idea, 5 Bigger Slip-ups—Innovation is Never Easy

Proving the Formula: f(Best CX) = Best EX

Transforming B2B Digital Experiences

Building a Customer-First Program in a Product Innovation Culture

Driving a Culture of Customer Curiosity through Innovation Testing

How a short, modern approach to employee experience can enable innovation and agility

Voice of the Guest – Guiding a Transformative Approach to Guest Experience

Activating Your Organization: Enable Impact Teams to Uncover, Prioritize, and Eliminate Customer Pain Points On A Daily Basis

Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Customer Obsessed: Transforming CX & Driving Business Growth

Signals Here, Signals There, Signals Everywhere

Building a sustainable, purpose driven CX team

Secrets From Your Data: Understanding What Customers are Telling You

Adapting and Innovating in the Midst of Disruption

The Powerful Connection between Client Experience and Employee Experience

Getting the best out of self-service capabilities by training internal Medallia Experts

Segmenting the Guest Journey

How feedback informed the future of We(Work)