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Product Theater


  • ABN Amro

    Bart-Jan van Duijn, ABN AMRO
    Jeroen van Deurzen, ABN AMRO

    Driving Innovation Through Voice of Customer and Employee

    ABN AMRO discusses how they leverage customer feedback to improve customer journeys, and how they partnered with Medallia to launch the first instance of Medallia Initiative Tracker, a solution for capturing and tracking improvement ideas from employees.

  • Accenture & CA Technologies

    Phil Davis, Accenture
    Emma Sopadjieva, Medallia
    Donna Polidoro, CA Technologies

    The Building Blocks of Customer-Driven Innovation

    Accenture and Medallia surveyed 450 global senior CX and marketing executives. This session focused on what that survey revealed about the formula for leveraging feedback to drive innovation, as well as practical application from CA Technologies.

  • Accenture & Medallia

    Jennifer Beyer, Medallia
    Ami Palan, Accenture

    Unlock Next-Level CRM & Personalization to Transform Your Business

    During this session, Accenture and Medallia will share how integrating customer experience with Salesforce and providing a true 360-degree view of the customer, will help you deliver differentiated experiences and achieve personalization resulting in customer loyalty and competitive advantage.

  • Accenture CX Solution for Salesforce Powered by Medallia

    Toni Adams, Medallia
    Saideep Raj, Accenture

    Hear from Toni and Saideep on how Medallia is working with Accenture to bring new CRM solutions to market through Salesforce.

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  • Admin Suite

    Dave Garver, Senior Product Manager

    Be the Responsive CX Hero

    See how Admin Suite allows your team to handle a variety of self-service scenarios, so you can move quickly and adapt your CX programs to the rapidly changing needs your business.

  • ADP

    Nicolle Paradise, ADP

    Centricity is a Measurable Growth Engine

    In this session, ADP shares how to think about customer-centricity and why that strategy is a proven growth engine.

  • AirBnB & BT

    Brian Andrews, Medallia
    Desirree Madison-Biggs, Airbnb
    Keith Lucas, BT

    Guiding Effective CX Transformations

    Brian Andrews, Lead Principal, Medallia will be joined by CX leaders from two leading organizations, to explain three key elements routinely deployed by companies making impressive CX progress.

  • B2B Panel

    Rob Markey, Bain
    Kathy McGettrick, IBM
    Angie Wyszynski, The Hartford

    Rob Markey from Bain discusses the individicual journeys companies have taken in CX with Kathy McGettrick from IBM and Angie Wyszynsk from The Hartford.

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  • Bank of America

    Jason Mock, Bank of America

    Jason talks about BoA’s massive undertaking of a CX transformation and introduces “Bank of America Voices”, their CX program putting client voices at the center of the transformation.

  • Bank of America

    Susie Daly, Bank of America
    David Price, Bank of America

    How Great Leadership Enables an Accountability Culture

    Two Bank of America leaders share how they created a client experience program that enables rapid, continuous improvement at the front-line level by leveraging C-Suite support and cutting edge technology, and the wins that come with it.

  • Bloomingdale's & M•A•C

    John Abraham, Medallia
    Dustin More, Bloomingdale's
    Theresa Block, M•A•C Cosmetics

    Fostering Customer-Centric Thinking at the Leadership Level

    Explore Medallia research on the behaviors driving employee engagement and CX improvement. Hear ideas for leveraging Medallia technology as part of customer-centric rituals, and examples of using feedback as a source of recognition and motivation.

  • Citi

    Srikant Narasimhan, Medallia
    Lakshmi Vanam, Citi
    Matt Hug, Citi

    Does CX Even Matter

    Hear how Citi is able to demonstrate the value of CX, by focusing on metrics such as spend, cross-sell, and churn.


    Ken Cornick, President, CLEAR

    Wherever You Go, You’re Welcome

    Learn first-hand how CLEAR has turned real-time customer feedback into real-time action, allowing for continuous product innovation in an innovative and rapidly growing business.

  • Comcast

    Luke Hagstrand, Comcast

    How Comcast Sees Itself as Its Customers Do

    During this session, Comcast will introduce their platform Customer Timeline, a unification of customer interactions – it powers personalized digital experiences for product, workforce and customer facing systems.

  • Comcast Cable

    Charlie Herrin, Comcast Cable

    Charlie Herrin talks about making CX be a permament part of a large company’s DNA and how to make 80,000 people provide a consistent customer experience.

  • CX & Digital Transformation

    Ori Soen, Medallia

    Hear from Ori on how Medallia and its partners are enabling companies with Digital Transformation with a 360 degree view of their customers by combining the Voice of the Customer (VOC) with the world of analytics and quantitative data.

  • Deloitte

    Rick Reilly, Deloitte & Touche LLP

    Customer Experience Next Level Operations-Drive Action By Combining Field Services

    Learn how to make sense of your internal performance and external customer sentiment data to realize tangible improvement at the front lines of the operation. Combine and distill complementary data sets to focus on what’s important and prescribe targeted action in a clear, measurable way.

  • Deloitte & USPS

    Jennifer Rome, Deloitte
    Jannine Zucker, Deloitte
    Dan Barrett, United States Postal Service

    CX Data to Build a Customer-Centric Culture and Drive Business

    Learn what Deloitte studies have shown are the most important dimensions of a customer-centric culture and drivers of employee engagement – and the direct correlation to improved customer experience, business performance and talent outcomes.

  • Experience '18 at a glance

    Check out the key highlights from this year’s Experience!

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  • Experience '18 full conference ebook

    Get the latest highlights from Experience 2018

    Download this full wrap up of all the content, learnings, and launches from Medallia’s Experience ’18. You can read all about our product announcements, partner solutions, customer stories and more. We’ve even added bonus resources to help you continue on your journey of becoming an Experience Champion.

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  • ExperienceMIX

    Ori Soen, Medallia
    Royston Seaward, Deloitte Digital

    Ori and Roy show how Medallia and Deloitte Digital combine web analytics and VOC to optimize every digital experience through Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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  • Facebook

    Jennifer Dulski, Facebook, Former President and COO of

    Jennifer argues that the best leaders in business and activism share one crucial trait: they lead movements. Jennifer shares inspiring stories of how each of us has the power to be a movement starter.

  • Forrester & Comcast

    Faith Adams, Forrester Research Group
    Graham Tutton, Comcast

    Proving the Economic Impact of a CX Investment

    In this session, hear about the findings of Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) commissioned study that was conducted for Medallia.

  • Home Depot

    Brendan Baby, Home Depot

    The Home Depot BluePrint for a Customer-First Culture

    Watch how Home Depot puts authority in the hands of their frontline associates to meet customer needs and drive outsize success in Home Improvement retail.

  • IBM

    Evan Reiss, IBM

    Predict (and Change) the Future of Your Client Experience

    Seeking to take their CX program to the next level, IBM built “NEWS: The NPS Early Warning System”. Hear how they’ve used this, and predictive analytics, to unlock new levels of actionable insight.

  • IHG

    Catherine Kasravi, IHG
    Angela Behnken, IHG

    Continued Evolution to Maximize CX Impact

    Hear how IHG designed a best-in-class program that continues to evolve with the pace of guest needs, improves guest satisfaction, and drives revenue.

  • Infographic: The State of Customer Experience 2018

    The Medallia Institute's annual State of Customer Experience infographic

    Download the State of Customer Experience 2018 infographic to learn how customer-centric companies operationalize feedback and deliver greater value to their customers.

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  • Liberty Global

    Morgan Evans, Liberty Global

    Centricity is Powering Growth at Liberty Global

    Learn how Liberty Global has anchored the customer at the heart of its innovation and has driven growth through delighting customers.

  • Medallia Conversations

    Herman Yang, Senior Director, Product Managment

    Engage Your Customers in the Moment

    Learn how to engage your customers in the moment through mobile messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, creating compelling and adaptive interactions that go beyond traditional CX feedback.

  • Medallia for Digital

    Michael Mallet, Solution Principal, Digital

    Optimize the Online Experience through Digital CX

    Find out how to increase business impact by leveraging the Digital Voice of Customer across your website and mobile apps to discover meaningful user insights and optimize the customer experience.

  • Medallia for Digital

    Matan Shafran, Product Manager, Medallia for Digital
    Matan Lachmish, Mobile R&D Team Leader, Medallia for Digital

    How to Win Your Customers Through Mobile CX

    Learn best practices to optimize your users’ mobile journeys and understand ways to improve your mobile app with in-app feedback using Medallia for Digital’s Mobile SDK solution.

  • Medallia: CX Tipping Point

    Borge Hald, Medallia

    With the advances in technology and increased empowerment of consumers, offering a great customer experience (CX) is critical. Borge talks about how Medallia is helping companies navigate this dynamic landscape and win through CX.

  • Medallia: Inspiring Innovation

    Peter Kriss, Medallia
    Gregor Stewart, Medallia

    Action First Analytics

    Medallia’s Data Science leaders discuss how “action first” analytics can generate greater impact with less work than traditional “problem first” techniques, sharing practical examples and a vision for using augmented intelligence technology to supercharge this approach in the future.

  • Medallia: Product Vision

    Krish Mantripragada, Medallia
    Diana Wong, Medallia
    Mike Mohageg, Medallia
    Janet Clay, Medallia

    The key to customer obsession is to embed the pulse of the customer in the organization and make every experience great. Hear from the Krish and the Medallia product team on what’s in store for Medallia Experience Cloud™.

  • Mobile & Web Apps

    Wojtek Kubik, Senior Product Manager

    Deliver Actionable Insights to Every Employee

    Learn how the new Medallia Mobile and Medallia Web provide a seamless, intuitive and actionable user experience that drive your organization’s ability to be truly customer-centric.

  • PwC

    Shannon Rivers, PricewaterhouseCoopers

    The Road to Success is Always Under Construction

    PwC discusses the evolution of their CX journey sharing the obstacles they’ve faced along the way to developing one of the most comprehensive CX programs in B2B.

  • Salesforce

    Tiffani Bova, Salesforce

    Customers are getting the exact experience you either intentionally or unintentionally designed for them. Tiffany discusses how customer experience is a company’s most important product.

  • SiteTuners

    Marty Greif, SiteTuners

    What Your Analytics Don’t Tell You – the 7 Deadly Sins of Landing Pages

    Learn to identify the common Seven Deadly Sins of Landing Page Design that are present on almost every landing page, and how to avoid them.

  • Target

    Brian Lannan, Target

    Inspiring Daily Innovations

    Brian shares practical and aspirational stories about how Target, one of world’s 10 largest retailers, translates customer feedback, using Text Analytics and root cause analyses, into actionable improvements for Target guests.

  • Target

    Carolyn Sakstrup, Target

    Carolyn shares an inside perspective on how Target is leaning into digital disruption to make for better customer experiences. The lessons they’ve learned bringing together their purpose and the digital tools to enable a better customer experience across channels.

  • TD Ameritrade

    John Ruda, TD Ameritrade Institutional

    Creating a Culture of CX Champions

    How TD Ameritrade Institutional is navigating a decentralized model for CX management, engaging leadership, and connecting client feedback to decisions.

  • TD Bank

    Theresa McLaughlin, TD Bank Group

    Theresa McLaughlin explains differentiating TD bank and delivering an experience that drives customer confidence in a financial institution.

  • Temkin Group

    Bruce Temkin, Temkin Group

    Humanistic, Prescriptive, and Responsive

    Industry visionary Bruce Temkin will identifies three areas that will shape future CX efforts in business practices, technologies, and human behaviors: Humanistic, Prescriptive, and Responsive.

  • Text Analytics

    Joanna Moser, Senior Manager, Technical Solutions Consulting
    Llyod Nurthen, Voice of Customer Program Manager, Woolworths

    Text Analytics was Find the Hidden Insights

    Hear how a CX Analyst at Woolworths uses the power of machine learning to analyze verbatim data, organizing comments based on department and tying in operational data to make business decisions.

  • The Total Economic Impact of Medallia Experience Cloud

    Read how organizations that invest in CX win.

    According to the Forrester  Consulting Total Economic Impact™ Study commissioned by Medallia, organizations using the Medallia customer experience management platform can achieve $35.6M in value and an ROI of 591% over 3 years with payback in less than 6 months.

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  • Voice of the Employee

    Julia Markish, Global Director, Employee Practice

    Improve Employee Engagement to Build a Customer-Centric Culture

    Find out how Medallia can be used to understand and optimize the employee experience at every step, whether gathering employee feedback on internal processes or customer-facing touchpoints.

  • Whitepaper: The Customer Experience Tipping Point

    Medallia partnered with Ipsos to conduct a survey of 8,002 consumers in four countries across six industry sectors.

    Successful brands of the future will be those that stay ahead of the curve and look for ways to continually improve their customer experience. Our findings highlight a number of current trends in customer experience and indicate how companies can meet or exceed customer expectations in the coming year and beyond.

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